Interchange and conversion processes in Colombian contemporary art practices


Carlos Castro

Nicolás Paris

Liliana Sánchez

Mateo López

Andrés Duplat

David Peña

Carolina Convers

Carlos Rojas

Widy Ortiz

Sergio Vega

New Media is one of the fields of contemporary art that has generated a good amount of interest in both public and critic arenas.

This form of producing art has arrived quite recently in Colombia as well. Dating from the late seventies, and on through today, the manifestation of New Media has penetrated abruptly the artistic environment of the country. In the same sudden way in which these works of art have appeared, another phenomenon that can be noticed and is the accelerated way in which they surfaced.

A question is raised with the arrival of what to seems to be a fashionable trend in the Colombian art scene. New Media is probably being overused. But is this New Media being consequent with our local current reality, or is it comparable to the likes of modernism, which generated small closed circuits based on structures and formulas which most of the time excluded the rest of the artistic community?

This particular concern makes more sense when it is widely accepted that contemporary artistic practices encourage the participation and integration of the public and society in the experience of the work of art. In Colombia however, the experience that such a work can create and be described as simply fascinating for the audience in the sense that is perceived as a wonder at its best, but is, in fact, incapable of creating a desirable reaction from the public. And the artistic community, which ideally would establish a communication link bred form the experiencing of the work of art.

The thematic axis of this project intends to review the ongoing interchanges occurring in the production of contemporary imaging inside the context of New Media in the Colombian contemporary artistic practices.

One of the most important objectives of this exhibition project is to dismantle the preconceived idea of New media in the context of digital art as a separate entity unable to reach the audience and create a resonance.
Therefore the curatorial project emphasizes the interest in creative processes without relegating the importance of the executives involved in the creation of these works of art and tries to put them on the same level according to contemporary artistic practices.
Rather than insisting in excluding the spectator as it has traditionally been done in New media shows in Colombia, the purpose of this show is to bring together artists, their work of art and the public into a true experience of communication and not into a mere showmanship display.

In this project it was necessary to include artsiest who deal with the same aesthetic notions that imply technology as an object of presentation according to New Media criteria and on the other hand, other artist works generated in ore a more traditional media sense of work (using mainly analog tools) but who still have a viewpoint in regards to new media.

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