Entropic Symbiosis / Simbiosis Entrópica


Johanna Arenas

Joel Grossman

Andrés Londoño

Carolina Villegas

Mario Vélez

Juan José García

Evelyn Tovar

Juan Melo

Carolina Amaya

Nicolás Cárdenas

Álvaro Lacouture

Alicia de la Torre

Santiago Andrés Torres

Álvaro Diego Gómez Campuzano


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia with the support of the Embassy in Berlin and the curatorial platform Grey Cube Projects invites to the opening of the exhibition “Entropic symbiosis.”

In thermodynamics, entropy (denoted by S) is a physical scale that measures the number of micro-states that are compatible with macro-states of equilibrium, in a thermodynamic system in equilibrium. One could also say that it measures the degree of organization of the system or that it is the reason for an increase between internal energy versus a temperature increase of the system. The term symbiosis (taken from the Greek: σύν, syn, ‘together’ and βίωσις, biosis, ‘to live’) applies to biological interaction, to the close and persistent relationship between organisms of different species.


The works on display in Entropic Symbiosis/Simbiosis Entrópica invite the viewer to establish a connection and propose interpretations that precede the threshold of historical narrative and traditional hermeneutic discourse, in order to reconfigure the contemplative experience.


Technology allows us to grasp concepts that human vision cannot decipher or understand. This enables us to transcend perceptual limitations and offers us an alternative model for understanding the dimension in which we live, as well as recognize the existence of other life forms. The categorical extension of materiality allows for varying types of symbiosis (both organic and non-organic), while entropy reveals spaces between different macro and microstates whose arrangement of elements imply systematic organization and balance, and which has contributed to the transversal methodologies of artistic research in the last few decades.

Scientific knowledge can help us to better understand how we interact with our environment. In the molecular age, the matter has been reinterpreted; today, it is represented as a cluster of molecules with varying qualities, which allow us to perform different transformations and experiments. This way of working with the matter has been coined “Molecular Aesthetics”, and its application to art has allowed us to understand the matter on another level; both the category and way of describing a piece of art have changed considerably.


This curatorial project is composed of a series of artworks that explore different treatments of matter and range from digital-based works to pieces where the artistic process incorporates knowledge from schools of thought outside of art. We are interested in showing that there are different life forms, cellular and molecular configurations whose origin and purpose are beyond our understanding. Inaccessible, perceptual dimensions that yet coexist in parallel and, although we cannot determine their territory of convergence with accuracy, we cannot ignore their existence and place in our ecosystems. The wide range of modified, altered and replicated synthetic environments can represent this situation.


Simbiosis Entrópica invites the viewer to consider the presence of unknown life forms, through works that examine mutation and alteration of matter from a molecular perspective and thus allow us to consider how we can transition towards planetary civilization.


 Curator: John Ángel Rodríguez


Pop Up Berlin

Köpenicker Str. 96

10179 Berlin


Alvaro-Lacouture-2.jpg Alvaro-Lacouture-3.jpg Alicia-fondo-negro-Baja.jpg Alicia-Baja.jpg Andres-Light-WB.jpg Diego-Baja.jpg Eros-Carolina-Amaya-baja.jpg Evelyn-baja.jpg Carolina-Villegas-baja.jpg Joel-baja1.jpg Joel-Baja.jpg Juan-Jose-Baja.jpg Johanna-Baja.jpg Johanna-1.jpg Johanna-2-1.jpg Juan-Melo-baja.jpg Mario-Velez-Baja.jpg Santiago-baja.jpg Santiago-Andres-2.jpg Nicolas-baja.jpg Nicolas-2.jpg Nicolas-1-1.jpg Nicolas-3-1.jpg Alicia-1-1.jpg Alicia-2-1.jpg Alicia-3.jpg Alvaro-Diego-1-1.jpg Alvaro-Diego-2.jpg Andres-1-1.jpg Andres-2-1.jpg Carolina-Villegas-1.jpg Evelyn-2-1.jpg Evelyn-1.jpg Joel-2.jpg Joel-1-1.jpg Joel-Mario-1.jpg Mario-2-1.jpg Juan-Melo-1.jpg Mario-Juan-1.jpg Mario-1.jpg General-1-1.jpg General-2-1.jpg General-3-1.jpg General-4-1.jpg Carolina-Amaya-1.jpg