GREY CUBE PROJECTS is a curator-led initiative that aims to become an itinerant site for artistic experimentation; which forges a creative network around manifestations of collective execution. Consequently, ongoing participation, knowledge sharing, and cross-disciplinary collaborations between artistic, scientific research and practice are the grounds on which GREY CUBE PROJECTS’ programs will be built.

GREY CUBE PROJECTS is an independent curatorial art project that is emerging as a springboard for experimentation, across participation and development of transdisciplinary projects.

GREY CUBE PROJECTS is also a nonprofit initiative whose concerns are different from commercial galleries, in terms of weaving and conceptualizing art. Our projects are focused on promoting creative processes differing from those methodological conventions proposed by commercial institutions.

For the opening and the first two curated exhibitions of 2015 (Non-Organic Life and ArtFutura: Collective Intelligence), we assembled the participation of 34 local and international artists, including some artistic groups, that were invited to create site-specific installations within GREY CUBE PROJECTS‘ edifice. The purpose of doing these site-specific interventions was to make creative behaviours visible.

We believe that displaying different artistic methodologies and attitudes will nourish the body of work in our space.

GREY CUBE PROJECTS‘ ethos identifies with the practices of the invited artists, therefore, our curatorial proposals differ from white cube displaying formats; we also understand the participation of each artist, such as inserts. All interventions made by the artists are by definition contributions to our project.

International visibility is another of GREY CUBE PROJECTS‘ interests. For this reason, we have created a space for artistic residencies, allowing us to make cultural exchanges with similar spaces elsewhere.

GREY CUBE PROJECTS provides accommodation and studio space to our residents, with the aim of generating an active interaction with the Colombian art scene.



//Creative Programs//

Thinking and experimentation laboratories: In these activities different disciplines and bits of knowledge converge with the intention of generating dynamic intellectual discussions, involving interaction between various resources – technical and practical, for the purpose of developing conceptual art conversations. The thinking laboratories invite the audience to reflect on matters such as Guerrilla Gardening, Permaculture, and Ecologic Robotics, among other themes.

In our first stage we are determined to instigate the following laboratories:

-Mediatic Painting
-Creative writing
-Philosophy in action
-Sonic Art
-Programming and Numerical experimentation

Collective Creation Laboratories: GREY CUBE PROJECTS in conjunction with art schools and research centres displays experimental laboratories. GREY CUBE PROJECTS promotes transdisciplinary creation, in collaboration with cultural agencies, higher education institutions, private organizations and companies.

These laboratories of collective creation aim to potentiate intellectual skills and thinking practices.

GREY CUBE PROJECTS provides the space for the experimental laboratory, and the strategic allies produce the educational materials; attendees are exempt from registration through a system of grants, which are funded by grants schemes, public art institutions and/or corporate contributions.

Artist residency program:

Our residencies are open to interdisciplinary artists.

GREY CUBE PROJECTS is an autonomous project that offers a platform to promote various training alignments, with the participation of international artists. We seek to disseminate artistic practices that we consider are still in the process of germination within the local context; hence encouraging the creation of cross-disciplinary projects and inviting creators trained in different areas of knowledge, to enrich our community.

GREY CUBE PROJECTS Residencies are divided into three types:

A. Direct Invitation: GREY CUBE PROJECTS invites artists, curators, and cultural agents to conduct field research. In exchange, the resident performs social activities where he/she presents the results of their investigation in a varied range of formats such as laboratories, workshops or exhibitions. Such actions are directed towards GREY CUBE PROJECTS community.

-This modality is allocated within our curated activities.
GCP and its cultural ally fund this residency.
GCP offers accommodation and workshop space.
-The artist finds a partner institution that covers artist fees, materials, and airfare.
GCP provides guidance and the official letter of invitation.
GCP assists the artist throughout the process of getting funding.

B. Open Call: An international open call is launched among specialized networks to track emerging creators. A gallery, museum or cultural institution, needs to cover the artist’s expenses during his residency at GCP.

GCP Offers accommodation and an art studio free of charge.

-The Artist covers his/her air tickets by applying for mobility grants.

GCP provides letters of invitation.

-The sponsor makes a contribution to the artistic and curatorial program.

GCP links the artist’s practice with the specialized cultural network of Bogotá.

GCP may additionally sponsor this modality depending on the artist’s financial needs.

C. Resident in Studio: (self-funded residency) this modality allows the resident to finance his\her research or creative project with complete freedom. GREY CUBE PROJECTS examines the artist portfolio in collaboration with other established artists and curators; the resident finances 100% of the residency project.

-The Resident receives accommodation and an art studio.
-Curatorial assistance during his\her residency is given.
GREY CUBE PROJECTS organizes socialization activities with universities and art spaces, depending on the profile of each artist.
-Contribution fee:

120 GBP  UK


Art Talks:

GREY CUBE PROJECTS organizes classroom or videoconference talks inviting local and international personalities from the art scene, to discuss and present their discourses to the domestic community.

The topics are intended to have a specialized approach while offering a significant resonance that can generate a debate on contemporary art practices.
Among these guests, the following will emerge:

– Creative Directors of Cultural Centers
– Curators from different approaches and disciplines
– Writers and Art critics
– Cultural publishers
– Academic Researchers and Art practitioners


GREY CUBE PROJECTS invites students from different art backgrounds to undertake internships.


A. Cultural Press: Intern is dedicated to making connections within the broad spectrum of local and international media, both print and digital, building a structured database, and sending out various press releases to communicate our diverse art activities.

B. Public Relations: Intern is responsible for organizing networking events and community loyalty activities. It also investigates potential sponsors for GREY CUBE PROJECTS cultural activities.

C. Social Media: Intern must be interested in digital applications such as web apps, open software, and native Apps. He manoeuvres GREY CUBE PROJECTS‘ database and collaborates with the spread of our events among different social networks.

D. Publications: Interns with publishing and editorial experience are encouraged to submit creative formats or art publications, which will be published in a catalogue or book format. This piece of documentation will contain GREY CUBE PROJECTS‘ annual activity (Exhibitions, residencies, laboratories, talks, and workshops).