Ivonne Villamil
Laura Ceballos
Luz Lizarazo
Karen Aune
William Marín
David Quiroga & Lina Mazenett
Juan Cortés
Lorena Ortiz
Gabriel Zea
Víctor David Garcés
Natalia López (La Reina)
David Peña
Nicolás Cárdenas
Eduard Moreno
Juan José García
Johanna Arenas
Carolina Villegas
Larry Muñoz
Akiko Kumazawa
Carlos Velásquez
Andrés Moreno Hoffmann

Curator: John Ángel Rodríguez


This project has as its conceptual core the “Multiverse” theory, which proposes the existence of multiple universes. Understood among other hypotheses as of the coexistence of different dimensions, contemporary theoretical physicists are studying this possibility based on different theories such as string theory, expansion theory, and the investigation of the dark matter and dark energy. These ideas are transcendent because they will change how we understand the geometry of the universe and the way our civilization has structured intellectual thinking.

The artists invited to this exhibition project are addressing a varied range of aspects surrounding the topic of multidimensionality, for instance, some of them are focusing on the invisibility of physical phenomena, whilst in others cases we can find complex ways of subverting the properties of the materials with which they execute their works and in another scenario they are exploring parallel universes unearthed in microscopic dimensions or internal universes, these actions let those imperceptible realities appear through a meticulous juxtaposition of uncanny fragments. For this reason, the whole exhibition is conceived as an installation featuring a set of new artworks.

The diverse pieces collected here are not meant to be an illustration of the texts that have been shared with the participating artists; is rather a platform of inquiry to acquaint the spectators with some of the fundamental aspects of these scientific speculations, in this way the technoscientific study emerged from the intersections with art proposes a methodological antecedent, which tries to place a doubt before the political models established in our contemporary societies.  Nevertheless, this referential action does not imply an exact and interpretative writing of the scientific text in visual terms. The works presented by the artists at Multiverse are rearranging these terms without necessarily finding a continuous reference to their external materialization. A central idea of the exhibition is to generate responses and considerations aiming to strive new interpretations from the audience regarding these scientific theories.


akasha-multiverse_02-copy.jpg akasha-multiverse_02.jpg Carlos-Velasquez.jpg Carolina-Villegas-1.jpg Carolina-Villegas-2.jpg Cover-Multiverse-BN.jpg David-Peña.jpg Eduard-Moreno-3.jpg Eduard-Moreno-4-copy.jpg Eduard-Moreno-4.jpg Eduard-Moreno-5-copy.jpg Eduard-Moreno-5.jpg Eduard-Moreno-Long1.jpg Eduard-Moreno-Long2.jpg Eduard-Morno-9.jpg EREBOS3.jpg Gabriel-Zea-1.jpg Gabriel-Zea-2.jpg Gabriel-Zea-4.jpg Gabriel-Zea-5.jpg Gabriel-Zea-13.jpg Gabriel-Zea-BN.jpg Gabriel-Zea-BW.jpg Gabriel-Zea.jpg HEMERA3.jpg Ivonne-Villamil-Detail.jpg Ivonne-Villamil.jpg Johanna-Arenas-1.jpg Johanna-Arenas-2.jpg Johanna-Arenas-3.jpg Johanna-Arenas-4.jpg Johanna-Arenas-5.jpg Juan-CortesCopia.jpg Juan-Jose.jpg Karen-Aune-2.jpg Karen-Aune.jpg La-reina.jpg Larry.jpg Larry1.jpg Laura-3.jpg Laura.jpg Lina-David.jpg Lorena.jpg Lorena2.jpg Lorena3.jpg Luz-Lizarazo-1.jpg Nicolas-Cardenas-1.jpg Nicolas-Cardenas-2.jpg Victor-David-3.jpg William-Marin-2.jpg William-Marin.jpg