Contra (Natura)

Curatorial project
Field of Research: Art-biology-non-organic life-Media.


Hernando Velandia
Karen Aune
Angie Jaimes
Mauricio Jaramillo
Gabriel Silva
Fredy Álzate
Johanna Arenas
Rafael Gomesbarros
Lorena Ortiz
Camilo Bojaca
Felipe García
Fredy Forero
Ivonne Villamil
David Peña
Jean Barbato
Evelyn Tovar
William cruz
Margarita Moreno + German Benincore
Andrés Matías Pinilla
Mario Vélez
Jaime Ávila
Silvana Unigarro
Sonia Rojas
Giovanni Antonio Ayala
Diego Gómez Campuzano
Laura Jiménez Galvis

Curator: John Ángel Rodríguez


A collective exhibition that brings together the work of 27 artists. Contra-Natura exhibition explores practices that are originated from the combination of artistic and scientific experimentation in order to understand how nature is structured and organizes us. Each of the works in the exhibition raises discussion on boundaries based on non-organic life, loss, and radiation and how these play into questions of social development and growth.

This project of creation establishes a series of contrasting relations between the works that the artists display and the curatorial postulate. In this situation, they indicate processes of substitution and simulation of the organic life. Therefore Contra-Natura proposal can be understood as the persistent dichotomy relationship in a world where avatars are now a reality, not only discursive but applied to social and political life.

This condition can be identified within the wide range of natures modified, altered and replaced by synthetic mutations. Contra-Natura reflects on the contradictions and bifurcations of political systems and economic models that deny the notions of sustainability, renewable energy and the equilibrium between different ecosystems. It is true that the human being in most cases performs actions that unbalance the natural, originating a so-called anthropic system, which is constituted by a series of elements that go hand in hand with the technological, urban, industrial and cultural development of society.

Related Terms:

Bioarte or Bio-Art is one of the most recent trends developed by contemporary art. It has the particularity of assuming biotechnology as a medium. Genetics, morphological transformations, biomechanical constructions are some of the techniques used by artists of bio-art, raising ethical and social issues to the development of biotechnology.

BioArt has also been developed from the artistic trend, which involves a manufacturing process in balance with the environment, for instance, takes into account the use of recyclable and reusable materials for the production of creative pieces in balance with the environment.


Andres-Matias.jpg Andres-Matias2.jpg Andres-Matias3.jpg Angie.jpg Antonio1.jpg Antonio2.jpg Antonio3.jpg Camilo1.jpg Camilo2.jpg Camilo3.jpg Camilo4.jpg Camilo5.jpg David-Peña.jpg Diego1.jpg Diego2.jpg Evelyn1.jpg Evelyn2.jpg Evelyn3.jpg Evelyn4.jpg Evelyn5.jpg Felipe1.jpg Felipe2.jpg Felipe3.jpg Fredy-Alzate-1.jpg Fredy-Alzate.jpg Fredy1.jpg Fredy2.jpg Fredy3.jpg Fredy4.jpg Gabriel1.jpg Gabriel2.jpg Gabriel3.jpg Gabriel4.jpg Gabriel5.jpg Gabriel6.jpg Gabriel7.jpg Hernando1.jpg Hernando2.jpg Hernando3.jpg Hernando4.jpg Hernando5.jpg Hernando6.jpg Jaime2.jpg Jaime3.jpg Jean.jpg Johanna.jpg Johanna1.jpg Johanna2.jpg Johanna3.jpg Johanna4.jpg Karen1.jpg Karen2.jpg Karen3.jpg Karen4.jpg Karen5.jpg Laura1.jpg Laura2.jpg Laura3.jpg Laura4.jpg Laura5.jpg Laura6.jpg Laura7.jpg Lorena.jpg Margarita-German.jpg Margarita-German1.jpg Margarita-German2.jpg Margarita-German3.jpg Margarita-German4.jpg Margarita-German5.jpg Mario.jpg Mario2.jpg Mario3.jpg Mario4.jpg Mauricio.jpg Mauricio1.jpg Mauricio2.jpg Rafael1.jpg Rafael2.jpg Silvana1.jpg Silvana2.jpg Silvana3.jpg Sonia.jpg Sonia1.jpg Sonia2.jpg William1.jpg William2.jpg William3.jpg William4.jpg