Juan Walker

Alicia De La Torre

Alvaro Diego Gomez Campuzano

Joel Grossman

Mauricio Jaramillo

Santigo Andres Torres

Ximena De Valdenebro

Yury Forero

Evelyn Tovar

Javier Barrios

Mario Velez

Rosell Meseguer

Jeison Sierra

Camila Botero

Ana Maria Poveda

Sara Montoya

Widy Ortiz


Curator: John Angel Rodriguez


Abiogenesis is the natural process by which life has emerged from non-living matter. Although the details of this phase are still unknown, the predominant scientific hypothesis is that the transition from non-living entities to living entities was not a single event, but an evolutionary process of increasing complexity that involved molecular self-replication, self-assembly, self-catalysis, and the subsequent appearance of cell membranes.

The artists who are part of this project propose to reconfigure the notion of origin through different creative devices. Therefore, the works that arise from this collaboration configure a new origin, in which the ordering of things arose from a response to a random stimulus. Movement, shock, and collision were phenomena that originated in life, and they were initially inorganic. This interface from the inorganic to the organic is what each artist materializes in their pieces.

The reflection that we can draw from this collaborative gesture between this group of artists who investigate the concept of origin and the response to random stimuli is a fundamental question: how will we cooperate as a civilization to reorganize and redefine the world? Will this happen by learning to recognize and inhabit with our now enhanced senses, overcoming the obstacles of technological mediation?

As a civilisation, it is necessary to understand that we must generate a new symbiosis between human thought and nature, combining ancestral wisdom and new knowledge assisted by technology and scientific understanding.

Sara-1.jpg Sara-3.jpg Sara-2.jpg Alvaro-Diego-6.jpg Alvaro-Diego-8.jpg Ana-Maria-base-1.png Ana-Maria-base-2.png Camila-Botero-1-scaled.jpg Camila-Botero-Instalcion-2-scaled.jpg Camila-Botero-Volcan.jpg Evelyn-1-scaled.jpg Evelyn-3-scaled.jpg Evelyn-4-scaled.jpg Filos-blanco-96x93-1-scaled.jpg Filos-Azul-100-x-100.jpg Filos-cafe-90-x-105-scaled.jpg Javier-Barrios-1.jpg Javier-Barrios-2.jpeg Javier-Barrios-3.jpeg Ximena-de-Valdenebro-1.jpg Ximena-de-Valdenebro-2.jpg Ximena-5-scaled.jpg Jeison-Sierra-1-copy.jpg Jeison-Sierra-3.jpg Jeison-Sierra-2-copy.jpg Joel-55.jpg Joel-2.jpeg Santiago-Andres-scaled.jpg Santiago-Andres.jpeg Juan-Walker-LA-ÚLTIMA-FRONTERA-scaled.jpg Juan-Walker-PACTO-CON-LA-SOLEDAD.-1-scaled.jpg Rosell-Meseguer-2.jpg Rosell-Meseguer-3.jpg Rosell_Meseguer_1.jpg Mauricio-Jaramillo-1.jpg Mauricio-Jaramillo-3.jpg Mario-Velez-11.jpg Mario-Velez-22.jpg Mario-Velez-33.jpg Yury-3-scaled.jpg 6-YURYFORERO-Paradigma1.jpg Yury-4.jpg Yury-2.jpg artificial-landscapes-1-scaled.jpg artificial-landscapes-2-scaled.jpg artificial-landscapes-3-scaled.jpg artificial-landscapes-4-scaled.jpg