Iván Navarro

Cristian Triana

Camilo Pachón

Alejandro Sánchez

Luis Hernández Mellizo

Camilo Bojaca

Laura Ceballos

Ivonne Villamil

Evelyn Tovar

Andrés Bustamante – Viviana Cárdenas

Arturo Pérez

Carlos Alarcón

Curator: John Angel Rodriguez



Grey Cube Projects is an artist led initiative that aims to provide a space for experimentation and collaboration, in order to generate a creative tissue around manifestations of collective execution. This exchange of active participation and knowledge is our springboard for all future GCP creative programs.

GCP is an autonomous space that offers a platform for experimentation through participation and development of transdisciplinar projects. During the opening of GCP we have fifteen participating artists, whose interventions will be reacting actively towards GCP facilities. The aim of these site-specific installations is to materialize the issues we want to address in our first phase of management in 2015. We believe that by displaying different methodologies and attitudes, we will nurture the body of work of our space in its entirety.

GCP encourage artists to merge their practices with our initiative, therefore, this is not just an exhibition space where you can identify a singular concept, but which formally links the pieces exhibited. We do prefer to understand the artist’s interventions as a contribution to GCP, rather than separate entities.

International visibility is one of GCP’s concerns, for this reason, we have created a residential program that will allow us to exchange ideas and join efforts with other similar spaces alongside the globe. We offer art residencies and workshop spaces to our residents, in order to incentivize an active interaction with the local art scene from Bogota. Our group of artists will allow us to approach galleries, institutions, and autonomous spaces. This is the way we aim to establish alliances and partnerships with other cultural agents worldwide.

Grey Cube Projects is space for creation and discussion and a meeting place for artists where the intersection point is the interest on transdisciplinar practices as a methodology of research. We conduct thinking laboratories where various disciplines converge, in our aim to flourish as a knowledge exchange network, with the purpose of generating a dynamic of appropriation with various technical and practical resources for the sake of the arts.

alejandro-sanchez-2-scaled.jpg Alejandro.jpg Andres-Frix-3-scaled.jpg Andres-Frix-4-scaled.jpg Andres-1.jpg Andres2-1-scaled.jpg Andres3.jpg Andres5.jpg Arturo-P-1.jpg Arturo-P-2.jpg Arturo-P-3.jpg Arturo-P-4.jpg Arturo-Perez-1.jpg Arturo-Perez-2.jpg Arturo-Perez-3-scaled.jpg Arturo-Perez-4-scaled.jpg Camilo-Bojaca-2-scaled.jpg Camilo-Pachon-1.jpg Camilo-Pachon-2.jpg Camilo-pachon-3.jpg camilo-scaled.jpg Camilo1-1.jpg Camilo3.jpg Camilo4.jpg Camilo5.jpg carlos-alarcon-1-scaled.jpg Carlos-Alarcon-2.jpg carlos-alarcon-3-scaled.jpg Carlos-Alarcon1.jpg cristian-triana-1-scaled.jpg Cristian-triana-BN.jpg Cristian-triana-Color.jpg Evelyn-Tooar-2.jpg evelyn-tovar-3-scaled.jpg Evelyn-Tovar.jpg Evelyn1.jpg Evelyn2.jpg Evelyn3.jpg Ivan-navarro-2-scaled.jpg Ivan-navarro.jpg Ivonne-Villamil-scaled.jpg Ivonne2.jpg Ivonne3.jpg Ivonne4.jpg laura-ceballos-2-scaled.jpg Laura1.jpg Luis-H-Mellizo-1.jpg Luis-H-Mellizo-bn.jpg Luis-H-Mellizo-Casa.jpg Luis-H-Mellizo-DeBN.jpg Luis-H-Mellizo-Detail.jpg Luis-H-Mellizo-Lamp.jpg Luis-H-Mellizo-scaled.jpg Luis-H-Mellizo2.jpg Luis-H-Mellizo4.jpg Nicolás-Cárdenas-3-scaled.jpg Nicolas.jpg Nicolas1.jpg Nicolas2.jpg On-Dress.jpg